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What is the Relational Coordination Cafe?

We created the RC Cafe to build a learning community among our partners who are working on organizational change. RC Cafes are available for partners who want to lead a discussion about any topic of mutual interest, or to seek advice regarding a challenge they are facing with a specific change initiative.  The RC Cafe gives partners a chance to check in with each other briefly every month about themselves and their work and delve into a particular topic.

We have the ability to break into smaller groups during the Cafe to facilitate participation.

Prior to the Cafe

Before each RC Cafe, all partners are invited to submit a topic to Tanya, describing:

  • a challenge or opportunity you are facing (including your stage in the process and type of organization) OR
  • a discussion that you would like to lead

Please do not divulge confidential information in the statements that you submit.

The Cafe Itself

  • 5 minutes: Welcome and review Ground Rules (e.g. confidentiality, respectful interaction, being fully present)
  • 10 minutes: Brief check-in from each participant
  • 40 minutes: Lively conversation!
  • 5 minutes: Wrap up

Joining the Cafe

Tanya Allain will send calendar invitations to all partners – the invite will tell you how to join the cafe.  If you are not receiving the invites and should be, please contact us at!

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, September 28 at 10:00 ET 

Building Relational Coordination Across Organizational Boundaries

Discussion Facilitators: Dana Minbaeva, Copenhagen Business School and Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Brandeis University

If you are an RCRC partner, click here to register.

Thursday, October 12 at 10:00 ET

Building RC for Community Health and Wellness – a New Frontier

Tuesday, November 28 at 4:00 ET 

Embedding Relational Coordination Into Professional Education

Thursday, December 14 at 10:00 ET

Organizing Workers Using Principles of Relational Coordination

Discussion Facilitators: Erik Nicholson of United Farm Workers and Bjorn Hansen of DeltagerDanmark

Tuesday, January 23 at 4:00 ET

School Improvement Using Principles of Relational Coordination

Discussion Facilitators: Sana Shaikh of Brandeis University, Jeff Grim, University of Michigan and Cady Landa of  Brandeis University (invited)

RC Cafe Archives

We will include some recordings of past RC Cafe’s on our website for RCRC Partners. Partners will need to enter their email address and password to access them here. Please note that we do not post all RC Cafe’s on our website due to confidentiality.

Meet You at the Cafe!